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Education to girl child

Educated girls can brighten the future of their country by the good upbringing of their children.

Stop Child labour

Stop chlid labour, these small kids are new seeds of the upcoming future tree of the nation.

Help & Support

We are trying to support the people of our nation in any manner.It is our duty to help them.

Our Causes

Increase in the awareness among people about various issues

NGO in Bhiar
Fundraising For Hungry People

Put an stop to world hunger once and for all. Together we can put an end to hunger around the world. No human deserves to starve.Let’s Make A Change!

Raised: ₹100000Goal: 500000
best NGO in Bihar
Fundraising For Homeless People

There is number of homeless people in the nation, as we are part of the nation so this is our duty to help the poor citizen of our nation.

Raised: ₹150000Goal: ₹300000

Upcoming Events

Increase in the awareness among people about various issues

Stop Child Abuse Now

Innocent children get abused physically and mentally by their known one. Stop child abuse please.

Stop Child Abuse Now
Respect For Elder People

Our blessed native elder deserver our respect.It is our duty to take care of them.Show elder some respect.

Respect For Elder People
Education For Children

Every small child is a big future of the nation. Every child has right to get education.

Our Testimonials

Increase in the awareness among people about various issues

We are trying to help the poor individuals of our counrty, so that we can give support in the development of our nation.

Manish Dixit
Manager,Smile Care Organisation,Patna

It is our duty to help and give support to the poor people of our nation.Every individual of our nation is our family.

Priya Rani
Member,Smile Care Organisation,Patna

We are here to give our best to help the poor children as well as elder ones, so that we can contribute a little about of happiness to them.

Shamim Akhtar
Member,Smile Care Organisation,Patna
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